Experiencing God

… at Evergreen Church

Five ministry areas that help us Experience God arte Christian Learning, Home Groups, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry and Fellowship.  You can grow through each of these areas.

By choosing holiness

“Holy” means “set apart.” God is holy above all creation. And God calls us to be holy unto Him – to be holy because He is holy. Every “holi-day” is just that, a day that is set apart as special and distinct from most other days. The week and weekend we celebrate now were made holy by Jesus – by His gift of His life for us, by which we might receive salvation. Will these days be holy for us? We can choose to make them so. Take part in the holy opportunities Evergreen Church is offering to make these days holy to the Lord for you and your family.

5 Talent Academy 5 Talent Academy

God has gifted each church with various gifts and called each church to faithfulness and fruitfulness.  The 5 Talent Academy is a way for Evergreen Church to strengthen our ministries, and so become optimally faithful & fruitful for God.