Exalting God

To “exalt” means to “lift up.”  By “exalting God” we mean lifting God up in our praise and in our priorities.

Our Exalting God ministries at Evergreen Church fall into four areas:  1) Sunday morning worship, 2) worship at times other than Sunday morning, 3) prayer and 4) music.

Sunday morning worship includes our greeting ministry, nursery ministry, hospitality/refreshments ministry, nametag ministry, projection ministry, visual arts, etc.

DSCN5155“Other than Sunday morning worship” includes special holiday services, special prayer and/or praise services, supporting worship in Home Groups, and supporting worship in homes.

Prayer ministry, led by Becky Hanrahan, includes weekly prayer meetings, monthly prayer calendar, Holy Communion prayer team ministry, etc…


The aim of our music ministry, led by Eric Duncanson (music@evergreenchurch.net) is to provide opportunities for people to offer themselves to God through music, whether by singing and listening as part of the congregation on Sunday mornings, offering special music (instrumentally or vocally) on Sundays, or developing as musical worshipers for worship at home or in Home Groups.

There are ways for you to grow in your faith and to be involved in the Exalting God ministries at Evergreen Church.