Evergreen Core Values


Our Mission

To know the Lord and to make him known

Our Vision

To EXPERIENCE God through authentic Christ-centered fellowship and study of his Word

so as to grow in our desire to EXALT God in heartfelt worship

and to EXTEND God and His offer of personal relationship to those who don’t know Him.

Our Core Values

  • God is supremely worthy of the praise and honor of every person.  Worship that is pleasing to God need not conform to any one culture or tradition, but must be offered with genuine and whole-hearted devotion.
  • Every person is of eternal worth because of the grace of God and because of the restoring work of Jesus Christ, God the Son, who gave his life for us.
  • The Bible is God’s Word for us, profoundly relevant to our lives and worthy of daily reading, study, and meditation.
  • Every person is welcome at Evergreen Church to come as they are and to seek to be drawn closer to God.
  • God intends people of every race, ethnicity, generation, and social background to enjoy fellowship with Him and in unity with one another.  Evergreen Church intentionally desires to be an expression of this.